July 17, 2017

Google Search Results Messaging

Let Potential Customers Send You Messages Directly in a Google Search.

Let The OMC Group program your Google listing to have the ability to communicate with customers and potential customers right within a Google Search! Clients will find you first and contact you first with this powerful new search engine marketing technique.

Gain More Customers Quickly and Easily with Google Search Results Messages.

With this exciting new technology potential clients will immediately be led to your business through the power of Google Search Results Messages. When a customer searches Google for you services they are immediately given the opportunity to directly message you before clicking on anything else, or visiting any website or directory. Your contact button will be the first thing they see when making the search.

New Leads Directly to Your Phone & Email 24/7!

With the ability to have your contact form front and center on Google when customers are looking for your services you are now tapped in to a 24/7 Lead Capture tool! Messages can be sent directly to your phone via SMS text messages or can be emailed to you. All messages are relayed to you in real time so there is never any waiting around.

Sign Up for Google Search Results Messages Today!

$99 a Month – No Contracts – 24/7 Customer Support

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