August 16, 2016

Social Media Marketing


Social Media has utterly reshaped the landscape of human interaction and interconnection. The manner in which we interact with one another, connect to the world at-large, and share information has grown and changed with the onset of Social Media. With this powerful and relatively new medium we can integrate your business into the lives of thousands and make your services available to them. Through working hand in hand with such companies as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest we can ensure that your presence is known in the ever expanding Social Media circles and that more potential customers are made aware of your valuable services. Through Social Media interactions you will reinforce current relationships and forge new contacts. In a nutshell, Social Media is the new word of mouth.


The amazing thing about social media is that every interaction you have has the potential to spread exponentially and reach a great number of people in ways in which traditional marketing can never hope to do. Successful businesses know that marketing does not end with the exchange of money, but that exchange can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Traditional marketing will always have it’s place and is essential for a successful marketing strategy but the sheer power of Social Media should not be underestimated.

Five key elements to know when dealing with a Social Media Advertisement Campaign:

  • Get the word out: Show current & potential customers who you are, display your skill set. Use as many avenues as possible. Get your name out there.
  • Substantial sales: Give customers offers that are almost too good to be true, they will share them with their friends and constituents and your Company’s good name and reputation will ripple throughout the internet!
  • Share pertinent & useful information: Always keep in my mind that social media marketing is about sharing and not only promoting. It takes very little effort to give back to the community that has made you what you are. Tips, hints, anecdotes, & nuances in your industry are all great things to share. A little bit can go a long way.
  • Have impeccable Customer Service: Pay close attention to customer feedback and make adjustments accordingly, a happy customer is a returning customer who also gives referrals.
  • Ensure that your customers keep coming back: Build a long lasting relationship based on reciprocity, reliability and trust so your customers will get to know you and your product.
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